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Herrensauna 'Renaissance Underground' SS T-Shirt - Black

Herrensauna 'Renaissance Underground' SS T-Shirt - Black

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*This is a limited edition item. No returns or exchanges on limited items. For more details please read our refund policy. 

Editor's Note: The T-Shirts are the centrepieces of the collection with the beautiful frontal embroidery of our deconstructed Saint Sebastian. The all-seeing eye & arrow are placed in the centre to evoke the idea of wearing an amulet around the neck. On the back, you will find a detailed print of our interpretation of medieval illumination. The size of the back print gives you room to explore the details of the design and soon you'll discover new shapes within the old ones. The journey every viewer is taken on by gazing at the design for a moment is part of its inherent meanings like resilience and growth. The colour combinations we choose are as well inspired by 15th-century manuscripts.

- 100% organic cotton

- Crew neck

- Embroidered logo on the centre front

- Graphic print at the back

- Relaxed fit


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